Hydrodynamic machine HFC-1810T
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> GW`s linear speed is 35m/s, high efficiency and good surface finish.

> Hydraulic drive GW/RW dressing arrangement, smooth move, high precision dressing.

> Machine bed made from high quality Meehanite cast iron, through natural aging to get high rigidity and stability.

> Economical with good profermance.

> Self made Hydrodynamic spindle, the spindle mounted on two pairs of hydrodynamic segment type bearings and plain sleeve bearing at outboard support for optimum rigidity. Reference as below.

Standard  Optional
1. Grinding wheel and flange  1. Wheel balancing stand and arbor
2. Guiding wheel and flange 2. Automatic infeed attachment
3. End feed blade 4. Hydraulic work ejector (infeed grinding)
4. Through feed blade 5. Automatic loading attachment (thrufeed grinding)
5. Oil tank pump 6. Automatic feeder for thrufeed grinding (hopper type) 
6. Working lampe 7. Automatic unloading attachment (thrufeed grinding)
7. Diamond pen 9. Profile grinding attachment
8. Flange extractor 10. Magnetic coolant separator
9. Work rest for in feed 11. Magnetic with paper filter
10. Electric cabinet 12. Hydrocyclone coolant separator
11. Leveling bolts & plates 13. Auto. Loading and unloading attachment (infeed grinding)
12. Tools Kit 14. Vibratory feeder (thrufeed grinding)
  15. Diamond dressing roller

   Hydrodynamic type              Hydrostatic type              NC type           
   HFC-1810T   HFC-1808H   HFC-1808T   HFC-1812T   HFC-1810H   HFC-1812H   HFC-1206H   HFC-2408H   HFC-1206TNC   HFC-1810TNC   HFC-1812TNC   HFC-1808HNC   HFC-1206T   HFC-1812HNC   HFC-1808TNC   HFC-1808HCNC-17A   HFC-1808TCNC-17A   HFC-1810TCNC-17A   HFC-1810HCNC-17A   HFC-1812HCNC-17A   HFC-1206HCNC-17A   HFC-1206TCNC-17A
Grinding Wheel
Work dia.
Special work dia.
Rotative speed
1520 R.P.M
Drive motor
15HP(11KW) AC380/50Hz
Regulation wheel
Rotative speed
1-300 R.P.M
Drive motor
4HP(3KW) AC220/50Hz
RW tilt angle
RW swivel angle
Drive method
Chain drive
Spindle type
Hydrodynamic pressure type
Spindle rotative precision
Hand Wheel
RW feeding hand wheel
3.5mm/rotation & 0.05mm/graduation
RW mirco-feed hand wheel
0.1mm/rotation & 0.001/graduation
Bottom slide feeding hand wheel
9mm/rotation & 0.10mm/graduation
Bottom slide micro-feed hand wheel
0.2mm/rotation & 0.001mm/graduation
Dressing feeding hand wheel
2mm/rotation & 0.01mm/graduation
NC Units
Bottom slide drive motor
Bottom slide feeding precision(Y1)
GW dressing motor X1,Z1
RW dressing motor X1,Z1
Auto loading&unloading mechanical arms motor(B1,B2)
Auto loading%unloading mechanical feeding precision(B1,B2)
Drive motor
Oil system motor
2HP(0.7KW) AC380/50Hz
Cooling device drive motor
1/4HP(180W) AC380/50Hz
Machine size
Machine package size
Net weight
2950 kgs
Gross weight
3150 kgs
● The above specifications are for reference, the company has the right to change at any time, without notice.


The spindles are Made from Japanese high-grade alloy steel (SNCM-220H), carburized heat treated, then the spindle proceed to sub zero treatment, finally finished after precision machining & grinded.

Inner hardness HRC25 ° ~30 ° , surface hardness HRC62 ° to feature spindle with high torque load, deformation free, wear resistance, and long working life, which is suitable for heavy duty grinding, the bearing shoes are precision ground, equipped with high quality spindle to provide excellent precision of 0.15μm.

KJ-4 alloy steel made spindle bearing, and three point hydrodynamic oil film system, to provide excellent cooling system cycles, high precision, and long working life.(New add)




The Auto lubricator provides lubrication to GW & RW spindle.

The centralized lubrication system lubricates all the slide-ways of upper/bottom slide and dressing arrangement slides, to ensure precision of feeding and processing.

Safety lock is equipped with Spindle motor, the lock will be auto-turned on when oil pressure lower than regulated value, provide protection to spindle.

Hydraulic oil fan to keep suitable oil temperature, which protects spindle away from thermal deformation, and extends oil seal’s working life.



Feed Screw

The feed Screw is made from Nickel alloy steel (SNCM-4), with normalization, high frequency harden treatment and precision ground to ensure high precision feeding;

The adjustable nut features smooth adjustment, high accuracy, and excellent wear resistance.




Double "∧" shaped slide-ways support bottom slide’s stable and accurate movement;

The slide-ways are hardened and precision ground to get smooth movement and excellent wear resistance;

Dust entering proof.

0.001mm feeding accuracy.



Henfux Q.C. department equipped with high precision inspection instruments, to provide fully inspection in each process and final product precision;

Restrict quality control to ensure each machine’s high precision.