Slant bed CNC lathe HSL-10
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Standard accessories Optional accessories
Threejaw + Hollow hydraulic cylinder + 1 set Standard hard jaw and soft jaw Servo Turret
Hydraulic Turret and Tool Holders Power Turret
Tailstock The Vice Spindle 
FANUC 0iMate -TD Upgrade Fanuc 0i-TD
8.4" Color LCD Monitor Lengthen L
Rigistered Part Program Numbers:400 sets  Lengthen LL 
CNC Part Program Memory Size :640 m  Big Size Threee Jaw Chuck
RS-232 Interface    Extra Three Jaw Chuck
Heat Exchanger For Electric Cabinet Install Collet Chuck
Oil Pressure System Tools Measurement Device
Air Pressure Grindig Fluid System Bar Feeder With Complete Machine Interface  Mechanical/Hydraulic Type
Full-Enclosed cover for the X/Z Axis + Three-color warning light  Auto Door closing
Automatic lubrication system  Oil Mist collector
Tools and Tool kits Grinding Fluid oil removing device 
Operation manual + Parts list High Pressure Coolant System
Chip Conveyor + Chip Cart Air conditioner of Electric Cabinet 
The Feeder Device
*The above accessories are for reference, please take the future details quotation as the standard.
   Slant bed CNC lathe           
   HSL-10   HSL-10TS   HSL-10T   HSL-15   HSL-15M   HSL-17   HSL-17M   HSL-17L
Swing Over Bed
Swing Over Saddle
Max. Turning Diameter
Max Turning length
Spindle motor output power
Spindle Nose
Spindle Rotation Speed
Spindle Thru-Hole
Bar Capacity
Chuck Size
Collet Specification
Spindly Motor 
Cs axis
Cs Axis precision
Brake System
X-Axis Travel
X-Axis Motor 
X-axis motor output
X-Axis Rapid Feed Rate 
X-axis of the screw outer diameter
z-Axis Travel
X-axis rapid traverse rate
Z-Axis Motor 
Z-Axis Rapid Feed Rate 
Z-axis output power
Z-axis screw outer diameter
Tool holder type
Turret Type 
Tool Ports
Number of tools
Turning Tool Size
Boring Tool Size
Comb-typeTurning Tool Size
Comb-type Boring Tool Size 
Sub Spindle Nose 
Sub Spindle Chuck Size
Sub Spindle Motor
Sub Spindle Motor Speed
W Axis Motor
Sub Spindle Cellet
Sub Spindle Thru-Hole 
Sub Spindle Bar Capacity 
Power Specification
Machine Dimension (LxHxW )
Machine Woight
Power Axis
Power Axis motor output power
Power Axis rotation speed
Power Axis type
Tailstock travel
Quill diameter
Quill travel
Quill taper
● The above specifications are for reference, the company has the right to change at any time, without notice.

Comb-type holder

Showing its sensitivity and stability while machining workpieces. 

Build-In Spindle. 

Without vibration from belt transitions, more stabilized turning accuracy can be achieved for high-speed machining operation.


Servo Tailstock. 

With this special design, there is no interference between the comb-type holder and the programmable tailstock.


With this special design, there is no interference among the servo turret, the comb-type holder and the sub-spindle. With helps of bar feeder, turning operations and rear-side turning operations can be done within single clamping.