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Guizhou Henfux organized tree planting activities

Published on:2015-07-15 Author:admin Source: Traffic:2932

Spring, Vientiane update, another year of green grass, in this spring, vibrant spring in March, the annual Arbor Day March 12 is approaching. To beautify the environment, and enhance their environmental awareness, ecological awareness, and actively join the activities afforestation, greening the environment, strengthen the construction of ecological civilization, keep lies to create a harmonious environment. Hing Guizhou Fuxiang company branch, trade unions, the Communist Youth League, the Women's Federation jointly issued to the park each employees' afforestation greening "initiative, the staff respond positively, actively join the" afforestation and greening of the environment "activities, the park enterprises total nearly 400 employees on March 12, 2015 after participating in Fuxiang DANZHAI Xing Technology Park hill voluntary tree planting activity; tree planting activities before departure, by the company to participate in tree planting party branch secretary 肖功贵 trained staff, according to allot Area working tools, receive seedlings and fertilizer, according to three people a group to plant trees, this obligation Masson pine trees planted nearly 4,000 trees. Through this voluntary tree planting activity, and enhance the environmental awareness of the staff, we become messengers of civilization green, practice environmental philosophy, planting green hope for the improvement of the ecological environment, building green homes make a positive contribution to their own!

Guizhou Henfux general manager in tree planting

Guizhou Henfux vice president in tree planting

Henfux partners in tree planting