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Float in the sky, with rich auspicious win the tug of war

Published on:2015-07-15 Author:admin Source: Traffic:4047

    On January 17, 2015 (according to the lunar calendar in November 18) is one of the most important festival - xing fu group annual float in the sky, and the rich auspicious annual meeting. In this wonderful festival we attended a very excited and proud heart xing fu group is one of the most important activity of project - a tug of war. 

    The group company limited our ou tai for the team that is wuxi ou tai ou tai combination of guizhou team with us. Has often telephone contact, often supported each other on the job, assist, but have not met the leadership and colleagues - wuxi European colleagues. Group a total of eight groups, the tug of war (Dan village set health company has (assembly, machine group, office), 1 team in ningbo, shenzhen, shan qiao 1 team, the first team and 1 team tongli 1 team. The game each group limited, 10 people boy to eight people, 2 girls. 

    For the match, our team leader - xiang-long meng director also guide our tug-of-war essentials, some wrong position of the players also get timely correcting the cheerleaders and leadership, unified the thought and tactics. 
Our players wearing overalls, lined up neatly into the playground, attracted numerous audience eyes, our cheerleaders are unified in our company work clothes, that one is like a beautiful white clouds on blue sky, so bright, so holy! First of all, the referee after introduce the rules of the game, the tug of war is about to begin. The tug of war with the method of "three two" pull system promotion, namely: in every round will have two rounds of competition, such as the other two legs all win, into the next round of contest. 

    Are we playing the first round, burly guizhou company of health assembly group of players, wire but we don't fear, one of 10 players (including me) effort, with the fastest speed won the victory of the first round, the second round of exchange field, feel much more demanding than the first round, may be the first round has consumed energy, leading to insufficient strength, under the cheerleader scream and cheer, we maintain and won the victory of the second round. 
    Second, it is semi-final is the most intense, our opponent is the shenzhen company. In order to enter the finals, both sides have pulled out all the stops, particularly strong opponents, is leading the careful guidance, we are all united the tactics, we won the first round, the second round of the most wonderful, in our team some breath, opponents are exhausted, under cheerleaders cheer our players in perseverance, try my best, finally we pull each other to the limit line to our side, planted for our team to win a whistle, although we have been exhausted, but our team still very excited chanting, and cheerleading team smile is so brilliant! 
In this way, we get to the next step - the NBA finals. Taking a break to prepare the finals championship game. This round we ran into tough and strong machining group guizhou state health company, guizhou park is one of the most influential opponents, both working strength and physical awareness, I believe that all the players and all the audience already knows. Our team get rid of the idea and baggage, in line with "to participate, go all out" the good psychology into the field. At the moment, the two sides of cheerleading the Shouting and Shouting earthquake seems to be someone's ears deaf in places. Referees observe both ready, ex is beginning, we both sides tried to advance the goal of victory, when players exhausted efforts to adhere to our team, to overcome difficulties, our team won the first time. The second round, it is the most exciting moment, especially in difficult points, the players have no retreat, bite the bullet and stick it out. Our players tenacious perseverance and fighting spirit, the cheerleaders are enthusiasm, every cry, bring to our players a force, let but if we're going to lose its course. Our team won the referee decisions, is with the tug-of-war champion! Our players, cheerleading, and our leadership, everyone danced up and down with excitement, the cheering, the hug, then moved, seems to be infected with all the people present... 
    Through the tug of war, let us witness the team solidarity, team cohesion is more let a person touched... That we truly feel the unity is strength. As long as we unite as one, interest makes toward one place, I believe the final victory will belong to us. Also in our study and work, to learn to efforts to adhere to, to overcome the difficulties, the courage to challenge the letter; Believe that the company also with the spirit and power under the guidance of xing fu group will be more walk more good, to the next level!